February 28, 2012

ChuteDr.com helps you keep your appointments

appointment calendar
If you have built a quote for budgeting purposes or a future purchase and saved it, the Chute Doctor system automatically sets a reminder date at 5 days after the creation of the quote. You will receive an automated follow up reminding you of the saved quote and to check back in to buy. This automated reminder will include a link to the quote for your convenience. After the first reminder you will receive subsequent reminders every 30 days until you manually change the date, place the order, or delete the quote. A shared quote is treated the same as a new quote.

At any time you can go to the "Saved Quotes" link at the top of the page and edit the next date, place the order, or delete the quote. The date field includes a handy calendar to select the date easily. You can set the date out as far as you like for the reminder. A link to the quote is provided in the follow up email as well.